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These Terms and Conditions are an electronic contract formed under the information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules mentioned under amended provisions pertaining to electronic documents / records in various statutes according to the information Technology Act, 2000.

These Terms and Conditions is a legally binding document by and between you & the DCM Connects Talent platform (both terms defined below).

Terms and Conditions refers to this website (“Website”). Please read all the pages carefully. If you do not agree with the TnC stated here, you may leave the website. You should visit this page periodically to re-appraise check the Terms and Conditions in case of any information updation.

These Terms and Conditions includes:

  1. Use and access of the Site (as defined below) under Part–A,
  2. As well as the provisions of services under Part–B,
  3. And general relationship under Part–C.

1. Limitations

dcmconnectstalent.com, including its sub–domains and mobile applications thereof it is owned and operated by DCM Connects Talent. The website offers online booking and promotional tools and platform for artists, models, photographers, anchor, stylist (referred to as “Talent”), and casting director, production houses and business houses etc of all types (referred to as “Client”). Here, the words “you”, “your”, “Member” and “User” refers to any person accessing or using this website(which may imply either a Talent or a Client, as the case may be), and the words “we”, “us”, and “our” refers to DCM Connects Talent.

Part–A: Terms of Use

2. Modification of Terms and Conditions.

DCM Connects Talent may change the Terms and Conditions at any point of time. The updated Terms and Conditions shall be made available on the Site. Your use of the Site is subject to the most current version of the Terms and Conditions made available on the Site at the time of such use. You should regularly visit the dcmconnectstalent.com to view the latest Terms and Conditions of the website. Your visit to the website, given changes to the Terms and Conditions, will be considered your acceptance for those changes.

3. Below 18 years user policy. 

To browse dcmconnectstalent.com you need to be minimum of 18 years of age, or the legal age to form a binding contract in your jurisdiction, if that age is greater than 18 years of age. Individuals who are under the age of 18 or the legal age to form a binding contract in their jurisdiction (herein after the “Minors”) are prohibited from registering for and/or booking talent on this Site.

4. Reserved Rights.

We reserve the rights to:

  • 4.1 Change the Terms and Conditions;
  • 4.2 Modify the website design or functionality, including discarding any content on or functionality of the website, or adding new categories, features, business models, offerings and etc.
  • 4.3 Discontinue any membership or user account that does not agree with the Terms and Conditions.
  • 4.4 Update fee structure for using the website and its services.

5. Online Conduct.

While accessing this website, you agree that:

  • 5.1 You are responsible for the information or content you display on the Dream Chaser Media website or pass-on to other website members.
  • Not to:
    • 5.2.1 stalk, abuse, harass, threaten or violate the legal rights of individuals by any means.
    • 5.2.2 post, publish, upload, disseminate or distribute any inappropriate, infringing, profane, defamatory, indecent, obscene or unlawful topic, name, material or information.
    • 5.2.3 upload virus infected files, corrupted files, or any other file that may damage the functions of the website or anyone's device.
    • 5.2.4 download file posted by another user that you know, or should know, cannot be ideally shared in such manner.
  • 5.3 You are restricted to hide your original identity or cause any misleading information to enter the website or in your DCM Connects Talent Profile.
  • 5.4 You are restricted to engage in marketing to, or solicitation of, other website users  to either buy or sell any products or services through the DCM Connects Talent website.
  • 5.5 You are restricted to forward junk or spam email to other website users or even to Us.
  • 5.6 You are restricted to imply that any of your statements are endorsed by Us, except the ones with our specific prior written consent.
  • 5.7 You are restricted to gather any personal information about other website members whether or not for commercial reasons, except the ones approved by our written consent.
  • 5.8 You are restricted to use any spider, robot, site search/retrieval application, or any other either manual or automatic process to fetch, index, “data mine”, “scrape” or in any way circumvent or reproduce the presentation or the navigational structure or of the website or its contents.
  • 5.9 You are restricted to email or post that address any material containing viruses or malware.
  • 5.10 You hereby grant DCM Connects Talent permission to add or edit content to your profile at its sole discretion, in order to increase the quality or appeal of your user profile.
  • 5.11 You are restricted to edit, sub–license, decipher or otherwise disassemble any part of the website or any computer program used for the website or let other website users to do so.
  • 5.12 You are responsible for your conversations with other website members. DCM Connects Talent holds the right, but has no right to check on the disputes between you and other website members.
  • 5.13 If the website offers review options, reviews shall only be given by your original clients. The removal of reviews is our responsibility. Writing/posting reviews for your opponents with the aim to affect their reputation will force us for immediate termination of your user account and no refunds will be processed.
  • 5.14 You are restricted to transmit any lead you receive through DCM Connects Talent website to another member or client, nor can you can post to any other website in case you receive any contact you receive using your relationship with DCM Connects Talent website. Failure to acceptance of these provisions may lead to immediate suspension or termination of your rights for using this website. DCM Connects Talent reserves the right to decide whether a Member/User has or has not obeyed with any constraint  in these Terms.

6. Membership and Registration Clauses.

  • 6.1 You can visit our website without registration but, to post information on our website, and access certain other information from our website, you may need to register to access the niche information. You need to provide us with relevant and complete details required for registration process. Your information will be protected by us according our Privacy Policy.
  • 6.2 You will create a user id and a password to access services and information available within the website unless we object for any reason. You will be responsible to defend and hold DCM Connects Talent, and its associates from any loss or damage we acquire due to any unauthorized use of your website credentials.

7. Links To Other Web Sites And Services.

DCM Connects Talent will not be responsible content of except that on this website, resources or service to which this website may link. Unless mentioned otherwise, DCM Connects Talent does not endorse or verify websites to which our website links which are provided for user convenience. We do not endorse or verify websites that link to our website, even if any logo or any such mark of DCM Connects Talent is implemented into that website.

Part B– Terms of Service

8. Talent’s Services

  • 8.1 Any individual who joins, uses DCM Connects Talent website to market his/her talent, skill, (with/without fee), they are subjected to agree to the following terms. (without prejudicing from any of the obligations under Part–A):
    • 8.1.1 Individuals will provide the authentic information including images and videos needed by DCM Connects Talent for featuring the individual on the official website.
    • 8.1.2 When a request for a quote is received an individual will need to provide their fees details to DCM Connects Talent for any job / event / project.
    • 8.1.3 Individual will be coordinating with DCM Connects Talent for the final terms and conditions to offer the services required by Client.
  • 8.2 An individual agrees to take part in the promotional activities of DCM Connects Talent on a prior notice. An individual should note that DCM Connects Talent shall have the right to use its identity for marketing and advertising activities.
  • 8.3 An individual represents and warrants that he/she:
    • 8.3.1. will be available for any events planned/booked through DCM Connects Talent for the decided duration agreed and will offer the services as agreed with the Client.
    • 8.3.2. will not misuse the third party property rights.
    • 8.3.3. will not disobey the rules and regulations of the venue of his/her performance.
    • 8.3.4. will not misbehave with the client at the venue of his performance.
    • 8.3.5. will make sure that the website or service will not guarantee the success in his careers.

9. Talent represented by Agency

Agency will ensure all the Terms of Use and Service are fulfilled and individual will be  responsible for any default in compliance. DCM Connects Talent holds the right to ask the agency to offer such authorization and on the agency’s failure to produce the authorization, DCM Connects Talent holds the right to discard their user profile or any other action can also be taken depending on the legal terms associate to DCM Connects Talent.

10. DCM Connects Talent’s Fee

  • 10.1 Those individuals and clients who agree with the company terms are entitled upto 30% of the total amount to be paid to the DCM Connects Talent company as their service charge. They may deduct the service charge from the amount paid by the organizers to the already booked individual as a part of their service fee.
  • 10.2 Users agree with DCM Connects Talent is not subjected to any refund under any circumstances (even if the event/performance is canceled due to any reason).
  • 10.3 Any payment made will be inclusive of all taxes unless agreed in writing and in that case it will be paid once tax deduction from the final payment is done.

11. Licenses and Statutory Compliances

  • 11.1 Only our clients will be in-charge for getting the required permits, licenses and approvals for conducting the event/performance, and shall be responsible for all legal consents related to the forthcoming event at its cost. If due to any situation, DCM Connects Talent is compelled or obliged to bear any legal, regulatory, industry–association, trade–body, etc. imposed royalty, levy, commission, charge, etc. due to any reason, the same shall be satisfied by the Client on demand.
  • 11.2 Users will be agreed with the term that DCM Connects Talent is only a platform for  the Talent and Client and does not get into the actual hosting or organization of the event or performance, which is considered as the responsibility of the Client.

12. Cancellation Policy

  • 12.1 Unless it is agreed with the Client, on cancellation of any booked event through DCM Connects Talent Site, Members / Users need to be agreed with the following terms:
    • 12.1.1. If due to any reason Client cancels the booked event at–least 30 days prior to the decided date of the event, then the individual will need to refund the entire amount received with a deduction of 50% from the total booking amount as cancellation charges. Client will agree to pay the cancellation charges. But DCM Connects Talent’s service charge will be non–refundable (Additionally to Talent’s cancellation charge).
    • 12.1.2. If Client cancels the event within 30 days of the date of the event irrespective of the reason, then the advance paid will not be refunded.
    • 12.1.3. If the individual and not the client cancels the booking at anytime and for any reason, then he/she needs to refund the advance paid. However, Client will be subjected to refund of advance paid post deduction of DCM Connects Talent’s service charge.

13. Non – Solicitation.

Users need to agree with the term that they will not exclude DCM Connects Talent and directly engage with the other users who have been referred through / first contacted or placed a request for quote through DCM Connects Talent’s Site. Users will agree with the term that if the Client utilizes the services of any individual referred through DCM Connects Talent’s Site, in a duration of nine months starting from the date of referral then with other legal remedies, DCM Connects Talent will be subjected for its service charge of 10%. Client and individuals jointly need to agree to this term.

Part C– General Terms

14. Disclaimer.

  • 14.1 The contents of DCM Connects Talent website is intended for the purposes of: (i) offering a platform for actors, anchors, models, photographers, stylist and other talent to share information about their profile, and (ii) facilitating the booking of such prospects for work(“Permitted Uses”). You agree that you understand that DCM Connects Talent is not and will not be in any way be defined to any contract or agreement between any website users regarding the services at any event. DCM Connects Talent Members will achieve exposure from a listing on the website, we do not guarantee in any way that the use of the website will produce paying clients for our website members.
  • 14.2 We do not represent or guarantee that this Site will further the careers of our Members, help them financially or otherwise produce income. Failure to receive the outcome you expected does not warrant a refund of payment. Furthermore, DCM Connects Talent does not take responsibility for the content of any Member profile, or Member services offered on any profile. Concerns regarding any such service, resource, or link posted or offered by a Member should be directed to the particular Member.
  • 14.3 DCM Connects Talent does not endorse or verify members of this website. Contacting them, either through our services or by any other means is at your own risk, and we will not be responsible for any claims.
  • 14.4 Client and Talent has to agree that DCM Connects Talent is not involved in the  governance of their relationship, and any disputes, disagreements or any claim between them shall at all times be without any reference to DCM Connects Talent.

15. Intellectual Property Rights

  • 15.1 Website Content Ownership. Unless noted, all the copyrighted content, trademarks, or other intellectual properties vested in any material present on the website are licensed by and used with permission used by DCM Connects Talent. Unless a trade mark or trade name of any other owner is noted, DCM Connects Talent does not involve in any affiliation or endorsement of such third party or services. You may not reproduce, publish, modify, or exploit in the content in any way.
  • 15.2 License to Submissions. With respect to any photographs, video clips, sound clips, or any other user related media files provided to DCM Connects Talent for posting on your user profile on the website, they will remain your own property. DCM Connects Talent does not endorse or check and disclaims any responsibility for any user profiles. You are authorized to submit the your content to us. The website will not violate any rights of any third party, without copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal rights. You need to agree to keep a backup of the content that you upload on DCM Connects Talent.
  • 15.3 License related to Performance. Website users agree that DCM Connects Talent shall have unchangeable and royalty–free license and right to use, display, photographs and video recordings of the individual's performances/events for any client. This license shall be used by DCM Connects Talent for reasonable purposes of its advertorial and promotional activities, and in other materials like archives, brochures, digital properties and Site.

16. Jurisdiction.

Here mentioned Terms and Conditions will be governed by the legal laws of the country, and courts and jurisdiction can give a judgment upon any dispute under, or interruption on this, electronic contract.